This API is used to update data for an existing Guardian employee when PATCH is not supported by your application. This request is often used to transfer an employee within the organization (i.e. change parameters such as locationId), or update changes to the employee’s biographical information or employment status (e.g. termination or re-hire).

For re-hired employees, this API is used to insert a new electronic I-9 in the employee’s record. Send the createI9 parameter to add a new I-9 and activate dashboard tracking of the re-hired employee. For remote employees who require an authorized representative to act on behalf of the company to complete Section 2, send the parameter createRemoteHireI9 instead. This will create an I-9 record and place the employee in the remote processing workflow. Note, the use of createLogin and sendLoginEmail parameters is not necessary in this case as an email is sent automatically when the createRemoteHireI9 parameter is used. Use the sendLoginEmail and createLogin only in instances when the employee is to complete Section 1 at home/ahead of the start date, but will be meeting with a Guardian user to complete the I-9 process. These parameters issue a system generated email containing Guardian credentials.

Please note that re-hire and termination dates can be included in this request. When used with this request the employee’s current period of employment is updated.

Request Example
POST https://v1/employees/<id>/update

 ""startDate"": ""2017-12-31"",
 ""addressState"": ""AZ"",
 ""dateOfBirth"": ""1990-01-15"",
 ""locationId"": “203258”,
 ""languagePreference"": 1,
 ""addressStreet"": ""400 17th Street"",
 ""jobTitle"": ""Manager"",
 ""socialSecurityNumber"": ""*******1111"",
 ""emailAddress"": """",
 ""addressCity"": ""Phoenix"",
 ""firstName"": ""Jennifer"",
 ""lastName"": ""Smith"",
 ""profileId"": ""B0123456"",
 ""addressApartment"": ""#1238"",
 ""addressZip"": ""85012""

Response Example

 ""startDate"": ""2017-12-31"",
 ""addressState"": “AZ”,
 ""custom8"": """",
 ""integrationClientSystem"": null,
 ""custom4"": """",
 ""custom5"": """",
 ""custom6"": """",
 ""custom7"": """",
 ""custom1"": """",
 ""custom2"": """",
 ""custom3"": """",
 ""terminatedDate"": null,
 ""integrationClientProcess"": null,
 ""socialSecurityNumber"": “*******1111”,
 ""integrationHrUrl"": null,
 ""i9FormSection1Link"": """",
 ""id"": 2985804,
 ""workNumber"": null,
 ""cellExtension"": """",
 ""locationId"": 203258,
 ""IntegrationTransactionId"": null,
 ""otherName"": """",
 ""languagePreference"": “1”,
 ""employeeReturnUrl"": null,
 ""addressCountry"": null,
 ""dateOfBirth"": “01/15/1990”,
 ""integrationRequestId"": null,
 ""legalEntity"": null,
 ""addressStreet"": “400 7th Street”,
 ""homeNumber"": null,
 ""jobTitle"": ""Manager"",
 ""notificationEmail2"": """",
 ""notificationEmail1"": """",
 ""emailAddress"": “”,
 ""cellNumber"": null,
 ""fullName"": ""Smith, Jennifer"",
 ""addressCity"": “Phoenix”,
 ""firstName"": ""Jennifer"",
 ""lastName"": ""Smith"",
 ""workExtension"": """",
 ""integrationCandidateId"": null,
 ""homeExtension"": """",
 ""integrationServiceId"": null,
 ""middleName"": """",
 ""addressStreet2"": null,
 ""integrationReportUrl"": null,
 ""profileId"": ""B0123456"",
 ""addressApartment"": null,
 ""addressZip"": “85012”,
 ""links"": [
 ""href"": ""/v1/employees"",
 ""rel"": ""self""
 ""href"": ""/v1/employees?page=1"",
 ""rel"": ""first""
 ""href"": ""/v1/employees?page=0"",
 ""rel"": ""last""
 ""href"": ""/v1/employees?page=0"",
 ""rel"": ""next""
 ""href"": ""/v1/employees?page=0"",
 ""rel"": ""previous""