GET/ custom_fields

This API returns a collection of list values related to the specified custom field that has been activated as a choice list by the organization. An organization can define up to eight different employee custom fields. These fields can be stand-alone or utilized as part of the organization’s hierarchical structure. Identify the custom field in the GET request using the correlated field integer (1-8). Only values associated to custom fields defined as choice lists (i.e. not free text) can be retrieved with this request.

In Guardian, one is able to define a hierarchy which represents the organizational structure of a company, allowing management responsibilities to be distributed among regional managers, branch managers, human resources specialists, etc—in fact, a company’s hierarchy can be defined to any level of specificity required for a given organization.

In defining the values that are allowable within the hierarchy, we make use of database fields which refer to the traits of individual employees (works in the South West, in Phoenix, etc). The fields which are allowable in a hierarchy are location, business unit, and custom fields. Custom fields have an identifying category name, such as “Region”, in addition to an associated list of acceptable values. A provisioned company can utilize up to 8 custom fields in their data model, 5 of which are allowed to be used in their company hierarchy definition





Resource Information

Requires authentication? YES
Response formats JSON



Parameter Required Description
custom_field No Custom Field value (1-8)



Request Example
GET https://<server>/v1/custom_fields/[#]/choices
Response Example

 ""searchResult"": [
 ""name"": ""Albuquerque""
 ""name"": ""Phoenix""