Programmatic file submission

The Guardian data feed service uses the HTTP POST method to send CSV, TSV, and XLSX content. You may use the language or tool of your choice. Each request must be for a specific supported data set and include only one file.

You will need four pieces of information for each submission request:

  1. Posting URL
  2. Authentication Credentials
  3. Data Feed Type
  4. File path

All four items must be included in your request. The posting URL is Guardian’s file server. Your implementation specialist will provide authentication credentials to use with the data feed service. In order for your files to process successfully you must tell Guardian what type of file (data set) is being submitted. Data sets are designated in this format: guardian_datafeed=data set type.

Following are the supported data sets:

  • guardian_datafeed=Employee
  • guardian_datafeed=User
  • guardian_datafeed=Location
  • guardian_datafeed=Group
  • guardian_datafeed=Custom Field

Please note, the designation is case sensitive. For instance, a request that includes guardian_datafeed=user will fail.