POST/ custom_fields

This API is used to add a new value (choice) to an existing custom field that is defined with the field type “choices list”. An organization may have defined up to eight different employee custom fields. Identify the custom field in the POST request using the correlated field integer (i.e. 1-8). Only one new choice value can be inserted per POST. The POST adds the new choice value to the custom field’s choice list and does not replace any previously defined values. Provide the new choice string value as it is expected to be displayed within the Guardian interface, in the request.





Resource Information

Requires authentication? YES
Request formats JSON
Response formats JSON



Parameter Label Description Type Max Length Required
custom_field Custom Field Custom Field value (1-8) int Yes



Request Example

POST https://<server>/v1/custom_fields/[#]/choices
 ""name"": ""Albuquerque""


Response Example

 ""name"": ""Albuquerque""