Example CSV File

Location Update:

Branch 222,Branch 222,F,444 Capital St.,Atlanta,GA,95001

The above Location file example file updates Branch 222’s E-Verify participation and address record. Note: even if there had been no change to Branch 222’s address, since the address columns were included in the file, the expected data was required. If the address information for Branch 222 had been missing then the update would have resulted in removing the address for the record.

Location Add:

Branch 7755,F,3456 America Way,Tucson,AZ,54001,T,16

The above Location Add file example creates a new record for Branch 7755. No location number field was needed as this organization utilizes unique location names. Location address and E-Verify participation was also included. Additionally, this location permits the hiring of employees who are younger (i.e. 16 years old) than the organization’s global policy.