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Meet Guardian

The Only End-To-End Electronic I-9 Compliance Software Solution That Saves Your Organization Money and Eliminates Your Compliance Risk

There is a reason why two of the world’s largest employers trust their I-9 and E-Verify compliance with Guardian. For over thirteen years Guardian has been helping organizations identify, correct and achieve complete I-9 compliance while also saving them money. While most companies treat Human Resources as a cost center, Guardian’s proven solution actually saves you money and eliminates your organization’s I-9 risk. An I-9 software solution is not complete unless it provides efficiency, accuracy, security, cost savings, and compliance peace-of-mind.’

Engagement & Advocacy

LawLogix regularly engages with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies to stay on top of the latest I-9 and E-Verify developments. As the only company in our industry with an in-house staff of immigration attorneys, LawLogix is also frequently invited to provide feedback on I-9 and E-Verify updates before changes are implemented.

Plug and Play Integration With Any Onboarding System

No matter which software you are running, Guardian can seamlessly integrate with any applicant tracking, onboarding or HRIS system. Whether you need a custom built integration or a pre-built package, Guardian provides multiple options to suit your needs.

The Only End-To-End Electronic I-9 Compliance Solution

Guardian is the only solution on the market that eliminates your historical and future I-9 compliance risk

You are responsible for your organizations I-9s

Calculate your organizations historical I-9 compliance risk


*Based on an archival I-9 industry average error rate of 76%, and an estimated fine of $935 per I-9.
Let us help you eliminate your audit risk.

Giving You The Tools You Need

Electronic I-9

Those historical I-9s you have stored away are a huge compliance risk, we can help.

Maximum Security

Our security practices pass more than 100 different security reviews and tests.

E-Verify Made Easy

Guardian provides integrated E-Verify case submission, and management tools.

A.P.I Integration

Guardian seamlessly integrates with virtually any onboarding or all-in-one process.

Remote Hiring

Guardian Remote Verification Network makes remote hiring feel a little closer to home.

Audit Response

We know what ICE is looking for and our trained personnel are ready to work with you.

E-Verify Made Easy No electronic I-9 system is complete without E-Verify. Guardian is a web service   E-Verify Employer Agent – enabling you to submit to E-Verify as our client. We’re also on top of all of the E-Verify regulations and changes, so you’ll never be out of compliance with updated requirements.

Industry Leaders In Security

With Guardian you can rest assured knowing that your organizations I-9 data is securely stored with the industry’s leading electronic I-9 security provider. Guardian goes beyond the basic certifications to keep your data protected.

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