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POST/ employments

This API is used to re-hire an existing employee. This is the recommended method to add new employment information to the employee record. For a re-hire situation, this request can be used in conjunction with employees/<employee_id>/POST and/or employees/<employee_id>/PATCH to generate a new I-9 record and update other employee information.

A typical re-hire workflow is as follows (note the third step is optional and used when the employee will complete Section 1 remotely (e.g. at home)):

1. POST employees/<employee_id>/employments with the new startDate
2. PUT employees/<employee_id>/createi9 to create the I-9 record
3. PATCH employees/<employee_id> to activate and/or resend login credentials using the sendLoginEmail and createLogin parameters



Resource Information


Requires authentication? YES
Request formats JSON
Response formats JSON


Parameter Label Description Type Max Length Required
id Guardian system generated unique key int N/A
startDate Date Hired Employee’s hire date date string N/A No
terminatedDate Date Terminated Employee’s termination date date string N/A No


Request Example

POST https://<server>/v1/employees/<employee_id>/employments

    "startDate": "2013-08-12",
    "terminatedDate": null

Response Example

    "id": 102,
    "startDate": "2013-08-12",
    "terminatedDate": ""