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GET/ employments

This API is used to retrieve all periods of employment documented in Guardian for a given employee. This is often used to review and audit work records, or obtain the id of a given record in order to correct its information with the employees/<employee_id>/employments/<employment_id>/PATCH endpoint.



Resource Information

Requires authentication? YES
Response formats JSON


Parameter Required Description
page No specifies the page number from where you want to begin accessing records


Request Example

GET https://<server>/v1/employees/<employee_id>/employments

Response Example

    "searchResult": [
            "startDate": "2010-07-15",
            "terminatedDate": "2011-07-12",
            "id": 100
            "startDate": "2011-08-12",
            "terminatedDate": "2012-08-12",
            "id": 101
    "links": [
            "href": "/v1/employees/269117/employments/", 
            "rel": "self"

Single Record Request Example

GET https://<server>/v1/employees/<employee_id>/employments/<employment_id>

Single Record Response Example

    "id": 102,
    "startDate": "2013-08-12",
    "terminatedDate": ""