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I-9 Verification for Remote Employees

Make remote hiring feel a little closer to home with Guardian’s Remote Hire tools.

With over 100,000 remote hires processed through the LawLogix Guardian I-9 solution, no vendor makes it easier to onboard a remote employee.

Guardian’s remote hiring tools ensure I-9s are completed electronically on time, and best of all, error free. Almost as if you were there. The entire process is handled within the secure Guardian environment. This allows organizations to establish a sufficiently supervised and reviewable relationship with a third-party, who can complete Section II on behalf of the organization while in the physical presence of the employee (who has electronically completed Section I).

Key compliance features include:

  • Leverage a trained network of agents with an integrated online workflow to meet the form I-9 requirements.
  • Guidance Tips: To ensure the I-9 is filled out correctly the first time, you have the option of providing the employee and remote agent with field level guidance for each Section 1 and Section 2 field.
  • Forensic Level Audit Trails: All activity, including electronic signatures, are recorded with Guardian’s forensic quality detailed audit trails in accordance with compliance best practices.
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring: At any stage, progress can be monitored by an internal manager from the Guardian Dashboard.
  • Remote Agents: You have the freedom to choose who will sign Section 2 on behalf of the organization.

Alternatively, organizations can allow employees to select any remote agent to complete Section 2 after receiving written guidance from your team. By adjusting the system preferences, you can require each notary to fill out, sign, and notarize each Form I-9 to provide an extra layer of assurance.

Watch this information-packed webinar:

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