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Meet Edge

The all-in-one, comprehensive immigration case management solution,
designed to run your business – successfully.

Trusted by the industry’s most respected and leading immigration professionals, Edge enables organizations to reach their full potential by enabling seamless processes and workflows, creating visibility and accountability, and generating efficiencies and profitability across the organization.

Manage Your Immigration Business Successfully

Forms & Questionnaires

Create efficiencies and optimize processes with the most up-to-date forms and questionnaires available anywhere.

Visa Tracking

Quickly see which clients are eligible to file based on the most recent bulletin and drive revenue through the creation of new AOS processes.

Reporting Tools

Identify new revenue opportunities, instantly track employee performance, access real-time caseload metrics.

Outlook Integration

Cut your time in half with single click uploads from Outlook directly into a Foreign National's file in the Edge system.

Client Web Portal

Maximize productivity while improving client satisfaction with top web lead capture features including client login.

Document Storage

No more filing cabinets, no more searching around in multiple systems. Securely store and manage all client documents, all in one place.


Immigration Case Management Watch this short video to find out if Edge is the right fit for your organization.

Why Choose Edge

In Edge, you can create and submit cases, communicate with clients and even bill for services.  Best of all, it’s all online, in the cloud, secure and accessible from anywhere.  Unlike other case management providers, Edge makes your business successful by providing you with the resources you need when you need them. 

Collaboration With LawLogix Edge, any practitioner within your organization can easily get case status at a glance. No need to consult handwritten notes or files – current case status, notes and data are available instantly and easily.
CentralizationWith LawLogix Edge, all client documents are in one place. No more paper storage, filing or boxes. All client documents are digital and securely stored with case files for as long as you need them.
Accuracy LawLogix Edge has built-in smart questionnaires to make client intake easier and faster. Centralized, online intake results in fewer data entry errors and increased accuracy in form completion and submission. In addition, data accurately populates forms automatically, eliminating redundant data entry, and submits forms to the government via E-filing.
Service LawLogix is an award-winning company and a multi-year honoree of the Stevie Awards for Customer Service. Our trained team of service specialists are available to assist you and provide professional training and certification.
Workflow Edge simplifies case processing and substantially reduces overhead costs. By providing all required documents, forms, and questionnaires for each case type, you access everything you need in one place.
Client Web PortalWith easy-to-use online intake client questionnaires in 10 different languages, you’ll be able to better serve your clients. You can also send instant status updates to foreign nationals and employees, conduct secure, private communication with your clients with SureMessaging, and provide online access for clients at an online portal branded with your logo.
Decrease Costs With LawLogix Edge, you can run your entire practice: integrate in-take questionnaires, activities, document checklists and forms to support 50+ unique processes. Eliminate paper files and paper storage costs. Plus, you can run billing directly from Edge with built-in time tracking, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Edge For Non Profits

Non-profit organizations rely on LawLogix Edge to manage their practices and serve clients efficiently. In fact, NPOs that use LawLogix Edge serve more clients in less time, and with fewer errors. Is your organization a non profit? Talk to our NPO specialists to see how LawLogix Edge can help.