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With Guardian Your Data Is Safely Hosted In The Hyland Cloud

With Guardian Your Data Is Safely Hosted In The Hyland Cloud

Reliable. Privately managed. Secure.

With the Hyland Cloud, your organizations I-9 data is stored in a safe and dependable hosting environment that saves you money, frees up time for staff and removes the burden of in-house protected data storage and maintenance. The Hyland Cloud ensures compliance with the latest federal regulations, and all Hyland Cloud customers have dedicated infrastructure monitoring 24/7/365.

The Hyland Cloud is custom designed to serve as the hosting platform for all of our cloud-based applications including LawLogix Guardian, OnBase, and ShareBase. Since 2007, Guardian has offered cloud-based data storage for more than 9 million employee I-9s.

Hyland Cloud Certifications

Our data centers meet or exceed required security standards, and our cloud management group is independently audited and certified.

Data centers

  • SOC 1 and  2 audited
  • ISO 27001 certified (or local equivalent)
  • TIA Tier 3 or 4

Hyland Cloud Services

  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • Policy alignment with generally accepted best practices

Network and Application Vulnerability Scanning

LawLogix utilizes the industry’s best-in-class tools and applications to test for any and all vulnerabilities and implement remediation.

Dependable Data Protection

Reliable, accredited data centers provide the highest levels of availability and uptime and are managed by a dedicated team of internal Hyland cloud experts. Historically, Hyland Cloud customers have enjoyed 99.9% availability of data, thanks to aggressive data redundancy and backup procedures.

Comprehensive Security and Disaster Recovery 

The team at Hyland manages the data centers to provide a redundant, reliable, up-to-date infrastructure in a secure environment. More than 70 dedicated Cloud Services professionals manage:

  • Disaster recovery with multiple geographically dispersed data centers
  • Recovery point objective
  • Restoration time objective
  • Service level agreement commitments
  • Ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing

Hyland’s Cloud Services Team 

Hyland’s Cloud Services team works exclusively to support the Hyland Cloud. This seasoned team of U.S. based cloud professionals provide oversight on governance, risk, compliance, security, network and infrastructure, operations, database services, data services and support.

Data Encryption

All client Personal Identifiable Information (i.e. Social Security number, date of birth, etc.) is encrypted ‘at rest’ in accordance with the most stringent industry standards.

Visibility and Reliability

Guardian customers data is stored in only U.S data centers.

Hyland U.S Cloud Data Centers