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LawLogix is proud to be the recommended electronic I-9 and E-Verify solution to McDonald’s Owners
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Since 2014, every new I-9 created by McDonald’s corporate is created in a quick and efficient electronic format with automated error-checking using the LawLogix Guardian electronic I-9 and E-Verify solution. Now all Owners can use the same electronic solution to simplify their own I-9 and E-Verify processes.

With Guardian, Mcdonald’s owners can:

  • Minimize the time to complete I-9s
  • Reduce the risk of government fines
  • Easily track the I-9 process for all hires across store locations
  • Automate work authorization date expirations and re-verifications
  • Integrate and automate the E-Verify process (if applicable)

See how the LawLogix Guardian solution works for McDonald’s owners.

What about all the paper I-9s already created?
LawLogix has you covered here too. LawLogix offers complete paper I-9 conversion, migration and remediation services.

  • Convert your paper I-9s into highly usable electronic records (this is not image scanning)
  • Migrate the historical I-9 records into the Guardian system for a complete paperless I-9 library
  • Automatically identify and eliminate all I-9s that can lawfully be purged
  • Identify and catalogue all errors from your historical I-9s
  • Automate the remediation of historical I-9 errors

This Data Migration and Remediation process ensures you are completely prepared for the eventual government audit and minimizes your chance of costly government fines.

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