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2017 Guardian Training Tutorials

2017 Guardian Training Tutorials

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In an effort to provide organization’s the materials needed to transition to the form revision successfully, LawLogix created core documentation (related to completing Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3) that demonstrates form revision requirements and system changes.  We are pleased to offer these materials and notable screenshots for the purposes of creating custom help materials.

Note: Access to updated and finalized materials is included by default, within the Guardian application.  For those interested in providing existing materials to end users, please instead utilize the Tutorial/Help section within Guardian.

For those looking for materials with which to extract images or language, please utilize the form to the right to complete the request.

Copyright Notice and Release Request

All tutorial and user guides provided by Hyland Software, Inc., through its LawLogix Division (“Hyland”) contain proprietary and confidential information related to the Guardian Electronic I-9 and E-Verify software product that is protected by applicable intellectual property, Trade Secret, and copyright laws.  Reproduction, alteration, and distribution of such materials are prohibited by law, except as provided herein with prior documented permission.

Conditions for Use

  1. Requests for copyrighted materials must describe the material to be reproduced and indicate whether the material will be reused in whole or in part.
  2. Each document must include the line “Copyright LawLogix by Hyland Software”.
  3. Requestor agrees to provide a copy of any publication that uses Hyland materials as source, upon request.
  4. Requestor agrees that the requested material (in its original or modified form) shall be used for internal training purposes only and shall not be distributed outside of Requestor’s organization without prior written permission.
  5. If Requestor publishes such materials online, Requestor agrees to restrict access to internal company representatives or designated agents only.
  6. No use of these publications may be made for resale or any other commercial purpose whatsoever.
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