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PATCH/ employments

This API is used to update existing periods of employment. This method is most frequently used to terminate an employee. However, it can also be used when the start date or termination date was entered in error, or the intended start date for the employee changed. Utilize the employees/<employee_id>/employments/GET endpoint to identify the specific employment record to change.

When a start date and no end date exists, the employee’s status in Guardian is classified as active. Once a termination date exists, the employee’s status in Guardian is classified as terminated. Up-to-date termination information is helpful and utilized by the system to determine which I-9 records are purge-eligible.



Resource Information

Requires authentication? YES
Request formats JSON
Response formats JSON


Parameter Label Description Type Max Length Required
id Guardian system generated unique key int N/A
startDate Date Hired Employee’s hire date date string N/A No
terminatedDate Date Terminated Employee’s termination date date string N/A No


Request Example

PATCH https://sandbox.perfectcompliance.com/v1/employees/<employee_id>/employments/<employment_id>

    "terminatedDate": "2014-08-08"

Response Example

    "id": 102,
    "startDate": "2013-08-12",
    "terminatedDate": "2014-08-08"